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Q : What's the difference between 31mm, 37mm or 42mm LED bulbs?
Ans : 31mm LED bulbs are commonly used for Japanese cars map or dome lights, 37mm LED bulbs are commonly used for European cars dome lights, or license plate lights and 42mm LED bulbs are commonly used for American cars map or dome lights.

Q : I installed the LED bulbs to license plate, but the LED bulb flashes or there is an error showing on the dashboard, why?
Ans :

For some newer European vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, etc, they all have a very smart and sensitive on board computer, OBC. The OBC will notice the LED bulbs because LED bulbs have lower wattage comparing with original fillament bulbs. In order to eliminate the flash problem and bypass the OBC error showing on the dashboard, you will need to add resistors. Or purchase our LED bulbs with built-in-resistor to prevent this issue.

Q : How comes your porducts are more expensive than others i've seen?
Ans :

Like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for! All of our LED products are made with high quality LED chip and our HID products must pass through a rigid test before it is put for sell.

Q : I've installed my LED bulbs but they still dont work, what should i do?
Ans :

Please try to rotate the bulb 180 degree and plug in again. Since the LED is polar sensitive, it means that of the power terminals are not matching correctly, the LED will not light up. (+ with + and - with -). But if the problem remains, please contact us.

Q : Are LEDs brighter than OEM bulbs?
Ans :

The LED bulbs have shaper lighting, therefore it will appear brighter than original tungsten bulbs. However since LED bulb has narrow angle, therefore if looking at the LED bulb from its blind angle, it will somehow look dimmer. Therefore we highly recommend when installing the LED bulb, make sure to point the LED clusters directly to the desire area.

Q : What can cause the LED bulbs to burn out?
Ans :

 Factors that will cause LED bulbs to burn out; a sudden surge of higher voltage; the surrounding temperature is too hot or too cold; the humidity is too high; the connection is loose, etc.

Q : How long before I recieve my items?
Ans : We always ship out the order within the same or next business day. For UK customers the esitmated time is 2-3 business days.

Q : How long do the LED bulbs last?
Ans :

 LED's will roughly last between 20000 to 50000 working hours

Q : What colour do the LED lights come in?
Ans :

Most of the LED's we have in stock come in Cool White, Warm White, Red and Blue. You can select the item if it is available.

Q : What if I want to exchange the item received?
Ans : If you want to exchange, please contact us and we are more than happy to exchange for you with no additional cost in most circumstances. However, it is customer's responsibility to pay for the returning postage. We do recommend that recorded delivery is used to track the items.

Q : How do I know which bulb is correct for my vehicle?
Ans :

We have a find my bulb function on the home page, which you can use to get the correct bulb fitment for your vehicle. If you are stil having a problem you can either email us  at or give us a call on 0208 257 3555

Q : I am an International customer but I cannot find the overseas shipping charges?
Ans : Currently we only ship to the UK and the Channel Islands.

Q : What is the return address?
Ans : The Return address is:

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