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Product Code : H7-HIDKIT
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This is a non-canbus HID conversion kit and is not suitable to use on newer canbus cars with bulb failure lights on the dash. Please have a look at our special fix canbus kits.

This H7 HID kit is a high quality replacement if your car didn't come with Xenon's fitted from factory. The kit is specially design to work with the majority of motor vehicles. Xenon bulbs produce 3 times more light on the road compared to standard halogen bulbs and create a crisp white light lighting up road markings and signs more clearly. The increase in the light output will benefit in reacting times to potential hazards much sooner as well as giving you a phenomenal and safe experience at night. 

Our HID conversion kits also have a much lower power consumption than a traditional halogen bulbs. The lifetime of the bulb is also significantly longer than a halogen bulbs; A good quality halogen bulbs should last about 300 hours whereas a Xenon HID bulb last 3000 hours.

This HID conversion kit come complete with 2 ballasts and 2 HID bulbs, which come in three different colour temperatures to suit your personal preference:

  • 5000K - Produces a pure daylight white light
  • 6000K - Produces a super daylight white with a small hint of blue
  • 8000K - Produces a distinguishing blue light

We always recommend going for 5000K or 6000K as its the closest you will get to the factory fitted OEM look.

We have been supplying HID kits for over 7 years and refuse to compromise on quality. These kits cannot be compared to other cheaper HID kits as they are Ignition branded kits which have been developed and designed by our in-house engineers working closely with the manufacturers.

All our bulbs are UV cut to ensure they do not damage your car plastic lenses. All our ballasts are 100% weather proof and made from high quality steel. We have a failure rate of less then 1%.

In each kit you will find 2 HID bulbs, 2 ballasts, fitting kit, detailed fitting instructions in English and a troubleshooting guide.

All our kits come with a 1 year warranty.

  • Fits any car using a H7 bulbs
  • Available in 5000K, 6000K & 8000K
  • Only uses 35W compared to 55W by a standard halogen bulb
  • Produces 3 times more light than a standard halogen bulb
  • Long lifetime of bulbs - lasts 3000 hours compared to 300 hours from a standard bulb
  • Easy plug & play installation
  • Not suitable for any Canbus cars
  • 1 year warranty 
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